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The benefits of our new multi-platform development for our current users

March 7, 2014

Some months ago, we have started a great development, from which all our current users and future users will win a lot. Let us share the story behind this, and give you some more insights to our plans.

Screenshot from the new OrthoGraph App

During the previous year, we have got a plenty of requests from our customers that we should create the OrthoGraph Architect App for Android operating system as well. We even created a poll about it, and had many-many answers on Facebook and in e-mail that there is a lot of interest to support more platforms than just the iPad. We felt, that this is the right time for a big change. A big opportunity not only for our current users, but also for those who would like to get access to OrthoGraph Architect’s many features on different environments.

We decided not only to create the Android version but redevelop the existing OrthoGraph software for iPad from scratch as well. Creating one code for all platforms with keeping in mind all our experiences from the last years and the requests we get from our current users we will are able to create something new, that gives even more than we could achieve using today’s technology. This way, our existing iPad users will benefit a lot from this new project as well as the new users can also get an answer to their request.

What we see and experience after some months of development are that we develop a brand new technically more advanced App for iPad and Android devices with all the well-known and trusted functionalities of the existing App but in a faster, more user-friendly version and with opportunities that have never been available before.

So what are these new developments/features exactly?

•    a much faster drawing environment
•    more realistic 3D view
•    a reworked and more efficient business logic
•    better quality exports
•    more customization such as open object library, customizable templates
•    new features which were impossible or at least really hard to create with today’s version of the App.

Not all of these new features will be ready for the first release of the new App, but we are working hard on the improvements.

With the brand new version of OrthoGraph Architect we believe that we can help you make your work process even faster and more precise.

Last but not least, we would like to provide you a great improvement in the customer experience and give you a better presentation tool with the improved 3D view.

If you have any questions about the new development, please do not hesitate to ask us here or on our Facebook page. We are always open for new suggestions as well.

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