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You can contact us on below addresses:

Address: Záhony u. 7.
(Graphisoft Park 1.)
Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 999 0122
+44 20 34119438
+1 7609331550
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: OrthoGraphHQ

Company Description

OrthoGraph Ltd. was established in Hungary, 2004 by private investors. It’s main activity is the development of mobile (tablet or smartphone) based data acquisition software with focus on graphical real-estate measurement. Our goal is to create products by which we can provide wide range support for graphical real-estate measurement. This does not mean only the flow control of survey processes during on-site measurements, and increasing the productivity of our users, but includes also the high level support of e.g. facility management and inventory creation activities what makes possible the usage of measured electronic data in these areas.

We base our activities on those professional specialists, who are responsible for the effective usability and quality of our portfolio, and their experience is won from their everyday professional work. These criteria are defined by the continuous cooperation with our customers and partners, who use our products in their everyday activities. This makes us possible to become the market leader and keep this position by us for the future too. As far as our products are giving a solution for the needs coming from our customers’ everyday experiences, we can provide numerous unique solutions, that are unique worldwide too..

During the development of our activities we were paying attention not only on the product development itself, but also on that we are willing to provide the highest level of customer support. We give an overall solution to our customers that includes besides the software also the connecting hardware, trainings and consultancy services.

Our goal is to develop a product family that allows our customers to achieve the highest level of productivity, so they can provide the highest level services in reduced time for their clients. The better resource efficiency besides the above mentioned improvements allows a measurable cost reduction.

Our company dedicates priority also to the continuous customer support, so that our customers does not only get support once during the sales process, but they get a continuous stable background for their everyday work with our products, anytime they raise a question, we always give an answer. To achieve this, we make continuous research and development of the most effective techniques, processes, development tools, investigation and appliance of many new modules. During the selection of our partners and supported system elements we are continuously taking care on stable, well trained partners and the support of market leader equipment.

We see our success – besides the highest level development quality of our products – in a long term contribution with our users, that helps them to achieve continuous success in their work.