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OrthoGraph Architect 3D-An essential tool for facility managers

July 10, 2014

Are you a facility manager? Do you think OrthoGraph is only useful for architects? Let us show you in this blog post why our App can be very useful tool in the facility management industry.

OrthoGraph has several facility manager users. They mostly use OrthoGraph for the preparatory building surveying process because good facility management service requires having precise area, volume and surface numbers and also in many cases good as-built floor plans of the building(s). Let’s see the benefits of using OrthoGraph in the facility management industry:


-In facility management, small measurement deviations can cause heavy costs. For example even 4 inch deviance in one room can result 10 ft2 difference between the real and the measured area which affects the heating costs and can miss from the corresponsive incomes. OrthoGraph is a very precise professional surveying App which can help minimalize these inaccuracies. Sometimes there is a lack of an “as-built floor plan”, and in many cases it is essential to survey the buildings to have them for long-term calculations, move planning and tenant management.

-The results coming from OrthoGraph can be a great basis for planning moves and creating seating arrangements in office- and conference buildings using a pro desktop CAD/CAFM system.

-OrthoGraph enables the fastest and totally accurate surveying without bothering the tenant. With help of a laser distant meter, it is possible to survey a room in few minutes. Additionally, the surveyors have graphical feedback which wall sections are measured and which not, so it cannot happen anymore that some measurements are missing.

-OrthoGraph is uniquely a BIM based surveying system. It handles walls, windows, doors and other intelligent objects with properties instead of handling lines or fills. It is possible to define the wall covering or the material of a tabletop. The surveying with OrthoGraph can be saved in the BIM standard IFC format as well that contains more than just the drawing. There exists a dedicated specific interface to ArchiCAD. After the OrthoGraph project is converted to ArchiCAD, it can be further used in ArchiCAD’s CAFM softwares, like in the facility management software.

-The other advantage of OrthoGraph is that it has a hierarchic location structure. With help of this structure, it is possible to manage the surveying of building complexes (like office buildings, parks or large building complexes spread around cities/countries) where OrthoGraph handles buildings, floors and rooms. OrthoGraph supports teamwork too. It is possible for a surveyor team to measure the different parts of a building at the same time and after merge the results together.

-The software creates reports instantly. It has a PDF room book output which contains details from the floor plan, calculated data, it lists the objects in all locations and their properties too.

We hope that we could help you a little bit to learn more about why we think that facility managers could benefit a lot from using OrthoGraph.

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The OrthoGraph Team