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OrthoGraph – the lightest measuring kit just born!

July 10, 2014

Leica and OrthoGraph together are today’s most lightweight professional AEC measuring system! The new Disto D110 with its small size but professional performance together with OrthoGraph’s Sketch&Tap and measure functionality provides the ultimate lightweight solution for all building professionals.

Get the wall surface as a painter or exact distances and angles as a carpenter, create detailed floor plans as an architect or be as fast as possible as an energy auditor, OrthoGraph and Leica are the right tools best fitting your hand. For those of you who need 3D Walkthrough like real estate agents OrthoGraph weights the same: it’s there in the package!

Were you wondering about which measuring equipment is easier to carry with you all day long: The traditional tape measure with sketchbook and pencil or OrthoGraph on an iPad Mini with the Leica D110?

We measured the weight of both. Watch our physical experiment now:

The four buttons on the new distance meter are just right enough! This very affordable tool needs only one of them to send all required measurements to OrthoGraph. The result is accurate, fast: a floor plan already in CAD format!

Use OrthoGraph with the world’s first pocket-sized laser distance meter, because OrthoGraph with Leica Disto D110 makes the ultimate lightweight measuring kit that weights only 423 grams.
Download OrthoGraph Architect now to get the D110 support!
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